Follow Up Training of Community Midwives (CMWs) in E Monitoring Cellphone Project-Peshawar

Follow Up Training of Community Midwives (CMWs) in E Monitoring Cellphone Project-PeshawarJuly 28, 2016

E monitoring is now become a need of all activities to give real time report with all details for further planning and action taken. We have started e monitoring with Mother Neonatal Child Health program of Government of Khyberpakhtunkhawa in January 2016. The Community Midwives (CMWs) are the focus health workres of MNCH program. First training was given in January followed by follow up sessions to improve understanding of CMWs with the e monitoring project and its utilization. There are 30 CMWs registered with the Cellphone project in Peshawar. The last Follow up training held in May 2016 proved to be very successful as the results of June showed that 80% CMWs used the system on all 30 days of the month of June and reported 374 messages. To encourage CMWs, a reward of Rs.500 was given to four CMWs who sent highest number of messages during the month. 

The main objective of the follow up training was to review the progress and rectify errors which were faced by few CMWs for proper reporting.

A follow-up training session of CMWs was conducted on 28 July 2016 at MNCH facility Hayatabad, Peshawar. CDG Rauf Rohaila and Rtn Khursheed Khan organized the training event. The training was facilitated by Mobin Ahmed, Technical Resource person from EYCON Pvt Ltd (Technological Partner), Nadia Khan, Coordinator Cellphone Project, Dr Hidayatulla M&E officer MNCH Peshawar and Asher Ali Project Manager, PNPPC.

An individual session was also held with each CMW to discuss thier reports. The cell phone numbers were validated again and resolved issues of sending reports.

Each and every CMW was given separate time to resolve her issues for prompt reporting.

Conclusion: Discussion on issues proved very fruitful to facilitate prompt reporting on daily basis. The next follow up session is planned in the second week of September 2016.

Inauguration of Two Shelters for PTP at Bhagiari, Khyber Agency, FATA, Khyberpakhtunkhawa


Inauguration of Two Shelters for PTP at Bhagiari, Khyber Agency, FATA, Khyberpakhtunkhawa

As per Rotary’s Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee strategy for intensified efforts to eradicate polio, Rotary has provided two shelters on request of EOC FATA

Baghiari Check Post Khyber Agency FATA at either side of the highway. These shelters are made up 20​x8​ to ensure quality long re fabricated containers. These re fabricated containers were those that  inspected by the International Chair Polio Plus Committee Michael MC Govern along with National Chair Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee Aziz Memon at container yard, Islamabad on 30th June 2016

​ Baghiari check post is located about 45 km from Pak Afghan Torkham border. All transit population travel between Pakistan and Afghanistan has to pass from this check post. A team of 26 polio vaccinators working at this check post and average coverage is 900 children per day. Rangers of Frontier Constabulary (FC) facilitating polio vaccinators at the post and ensuring to stop each vehicle till vaccination is completed.

CDG Rauf Rohaila arranged the inauguration ceremony at Baghiari and despite of security concerns at the Pak Afghan border at Torkham, the National Chair visited the polio check post at Bhagiari to inaugurate both shelters for Permanent Transit Posts.

The inauguration ceremony of the Baghairi PTP was held today ie; 27 July 2016. National Chair Aziz Memon inaugurated both shelters at either side of the highway.

The ceremony was attended by Zia Ur Rehman, assistant Political Agent Khyber agency FATA, Dr. Sarfaraz Khan EPI FATA, Dr. Nadeem, WHO and UNICEF representatives, CDG Rauf Rohaila, Rtn Khursheed Khan, Rtn Azmat Hayat, AG Tayyaba Gul and   Asher Ali Project Manager PNPPC Rotary International.

The National Chair inspected both re fabricated shelters followed by visiting FC check posts where he met with polio vaccinators and FC officials. He appreciated the best vaccination arrangements at the PTP and informed that Rotary is also providing a new shelter and will replace the damaged existing shelters to provide best facilitation to the polio vaccinators working at PTP Torkham Pak-Afghan border as well.

Dr. Sarfaraz EPI FATA thanked National Chair Aziz Memon for his visit to Baghiari which gives lot of strength to all Khyber agency officers and polio teams.

1. Inauguration of PTP 1 2.Inauguration of PTP 2 3. Meeting with local EPI, WHO UNICEF at Bhagiari PTP 4. National Chair Aziz Memon with Polio Vaccinators and FC tean 5. Administrating Polio drops at PTP Bhagiari 6. A Group Photo with all officials

Aziz Memon, National Chair Pakistan PolioPlus Committee, Rotary International inaugurated the Permanent Transit Post,Chamman



Aziz Memon, National Chair Pakistan PolioPlus Committee, Rotary International inaugurated the Permanent Transit Post (PTP), at Friendship Gate at the Pak-Afghan border, Chaman, Balochistan, on 20th July, 2016, along with Deputy Commissioner Killa Abdullah- Chaman Khuda Dad Khan. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Abidi Nasir TL WHO, Dr. Rasheed Nasr District Health Officer (DHO), Assistant Commissioner Chaman Hafeez Qasim and PP Dr. Hanif Khilji.


 1 Visit of Yaro PTP Quetta (3) 2 National Chair Aziz Memon giving polio drop to a child in transit (2)

8. Along with Border forces

Rotary Delegation Called on Dr. Azra Pechuho, Chairperson Coordination Committee, Sindh


Rotary delegation comprised of Michael K. McGovern, Chair International Polio Plus Committee and Foundation Vice Chair, Aziz Memon, National Chair Pakistan Polio Plus Committee, Judith Diment, Member of Rotary International Polio Plus committee, and Asher Ali Project Manager PNPPC called on Member National Assembly Dr. Azra Pechuho, Chairperson Coordination Committee on Vertical Projects, Health Department Sindh today ie; 27 June 2016 12.00 noon at her office Karachi.

Dr. Azra Pechuho welcomed the delegation and National Chair Aziz Memon introduced the participants. Dr. Azra Pechehu gave a brief about the polio situation in Sindh. She said though the challenges are still persisting in Karachi and Northern Sindh but the situation is improving with the better monitoring and surveillance. She said, more focus is being given to Northern Sindh where two cases were reported from Shikarpur district during the current year. She added that Ottaq system is a bug hindering to cover all children in the vicinity and efforts are being made to eliminate Ottaq system and cover children through door to door campaign.  The Commissioner Larkana will also be replaced by some other committed officer soon.

As far as situation of high risk areas of Karachi is concerned, she said due to more vigilance and improved security conditions, the situation has been improved in all high risk areas and these areas are accessible. The number of missed children and refusals are reducing and are now manageable.

She said a group of medical practitioners of Sindh in America (Sindh American Physician Association) are also willing to work in Sindh. Dr. Khalil Memon is president and based in Chicago. She will provide contact details of Dr. Khalil Memon and National Chair will contact him for future collaboration.

National Chair Aziz Memon informed that a Rotary Task Force has been established and will be in close contact with the Commissioner Karachi for providing all kinds of support. He also assured his full cooperation and said he is always available for providing support for this noble cause.

At the end Dr. Azra Pechuho assure that we will complete Rotary mission to eradicate polio from the country.



Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

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