Rotary Delegation visited Permanent Transit Post, Superhighway Karachi


A Rotary Delegation comprised of Michael Mc Govern, International Chair  Polio Plus Committee, Carol Pandak Director Rotary International , Aziz Memon National Chair, Pakistan Polio Plus Committee and PP Masood Bhalli visited Permanent Transit Post at Super highway Karachi today ie; 26 June 2016.

The delegation observed the administration of polio vaccination to transit children. They inspected the PTP Shelter provided by the Rotary. The PTP incharge informed that an average 3000 children are getting vaccination per day. The delegation was also seen check post where busses from up country stoped for checking and polio vaccinators giving drops to the travelling children.


Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Cell: 03002178435

Rotary Delegation Visit to Resource Center-Gulshan Town, Karachi

1. Rotary Delegation2. Meeting at Resource Center Gulshan3. Presentation4. Interaction with FCVs8, Giving Polio drop9. Finger marking by Carol

A Rotary Delegation comprised of Michael Mc Govern, International Chair  Polio Plus Committee, Carol Pandak Director Rotary International , Aziz Memon National Chair, Pakistan Polio Plus Committee and PP Masood Bhalli visited Rotary Resource Center Gulshan Town, Karachi today ie; 26 June 2016.

The delegation was welcomed at the Resource Center  by Dr Talat, President CONNECT ( our implementation partners).  Dr. Ahsan and Dr. Saima from WHO were also present there to provide more detail of collaborative working with the Resource Center. A brief presentation was jointly given by Dr. Talat and Sadia Coordinator. They gave brief history of intensified polio eradication interventions and described activities for social mobilization in detail. Asher Ali said the dynamics of activities has been changed and as per new scenario where we almost completed social mobilization we are more focusing on newly establish cadre of Female Community Volunteers (FCVs).

Training was already in process in the Resource Center.  The delegation met with the FCVs and asked questions about their working and seen micro plans of their areas. Michael Mc Govern administrate drops to a child of the vicinity and Carol Pandak marked his finger. The delegation appreciated the hard working of FCVs.

The delegation discussed the working of the Resource Center which is giving a role model of collaborative efforts of all polio partners in the high risk area of the town.

At the end Dr. Talat thanked the delegation for their commitment and visit to the Resource Center.


Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Cell: 03002178435

Deputy Health Secretary K.P.K visited Permanent Immunization Centre Kaghan


Kaghan valley is an alpine-climate valley in Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

PNPPC, Rotary International has recently established a Permanent Immunization (PIC) in Khaghan Union council. This center is working under ther Resource Center Mansehra. Mr Mohtasib-bin-law Deputy Secretary, Health and Dr.Shahzad Ali, District Health Officer, Mansehra district visited the Permanent Immunization Center on 18 June 2016.

The objective of the visit was to review the arrangements for establishment of the PIC. Syed Latif, Coordinator Resource Center Mansehra welcomed the Government Officials, introduced with the PIC staff gave a brief presentation about the need of immunization in the UC and role of the PIC to cover children population of the catchment area.

Dr. Shahzad Ali District Health Officer, Mansehra appreciated the role of Rotary about the Polio eradication, especially during catch up days to cover missed children living in far areas which are geographically difficult to access. He also visits the P.I.C rooms and inspected all the furniture and equipment.

Mr Mohtsib-bin-law Deputy Secretary, Health paid thanks to Rotary for establishing Permanent Immunization Center in UC and providing equipment’s and furniture. He said the PIC will cover 70% children population of the area.

At the end Syed Latif paid thanks to all guests for sharing their views and giving their precious time and encouragement to the staff to move forward.

Reported By: Syed Latif

Coordinator, Resource Center, Mansehra, KPK

Second Quarterly Review Meeting of 2016 -RI District 3271

The Second Quarterly Review meeting of the year 2016 for RI District 3272 was held at 91 Shahrah-e-Iran, Clifton Karachi on June 15, 2016 from 2pm to 3:30pm.


National Chair PNPPC Aziz Memon


  • DG Jehangir Mughal
  • DGN Ovais Kohari
  • DGN2 Irfan Qureshi
  • Zonal Coordinator Sindh PP Masood Ahmed Bhalli
  • Zonal Coordinator Balochistan, PP Dr. Hanif  Khilji
  • DGE Muhammad Saleem Rao
  • Asher Ali, Project Manager, PNPPC

Discussion Points:

  1. Reviewed previous meetings discussion points. All members appreciated the actions taken.
  2. National Chair shared visit plan of IPPC Chair visit to Pakistan  and said  intercity meeting will be arranged  to meet Rotary Delegation on 26th June 2016.
  3. PP Dr. Pardeep K. Harchandani has been appointed as the chair for Rotary High Risk Focus Committee Hyderabad – RI District 3271.
  4. National Chair, PNPPC Aziz Memon discussed that after the polio case  emerged from Shikarpur another swap up round is required. It will done on 27-29 June, 2016;
  5. National Chair mentioned the dates for NIDs and SNIDs from July till December 2016 as follows;


August September October November December
NIDs 26th – 29th 19th – 22nd
SNIDs 18th – 21st (Tier 1) 22nd – 25th

(Tier 1, 11 &111)

24th – 27th 21st –  24th
  1. Coca-Cola through UNDP has funded US$100,000 for Seven Solar Water Filtration Plants in Karachi. National Chair emphasized on Rotary clubs’ ownership for the maintenance of Solar Water Filtration Plants. The location for the installation are as follows:
  2. Gadap UC4
  3. Gadap  UC5
  4. Baldia Town
  5. Machar Colony
  6. Korangi
  7. Sachal , Gulshan Town
  8. Bara Banda KPK

With collective decision from all the members, 10 Rotary clubs have been selected to look over this project. Following are the clubs nominated:


RC Karachi                          RCK Clifton                  RCK Sunrise

RCK Sunset Millennium         RCK Gateway              RCK Creek

RCK Beach view                  RCK East                     RCK Universal

RCK Defense


  • DGN Ovais Kohari and DGN2 Irfan Qureshi will decide which club will take the ownership
  1. DG Jahangir Moghul suggested that the guidelines should be made to highlight the role and responsibilities of Rotary Clubs in monitoring and facilitation of Solar Water Filtration Plants.

Asher informed that monthly maintenance charges of approx. Rs. 7000 may be required and Rotary Clubs may bear this minimum cost.

  1. National Chair informed that PTP at Chaman will be inaugurated on 22nd June 2016.
  2. As per request of N-EOC, PNPPC is providing 40,000 vaccine carriers for NIDs/SNIDs, 2016. The preparation of vaccine carriers is under process.
  3. DGE Ovais Kohari said, Cadet College Sanghar is willing to provide Health Facility along with one ambulance and a team of doctors. He suggested that Rotary may establish a Resource Center in Sanghar. National Chair Aziz Memon advised DGN Ovais to prepare a separate project proposal for this project.
  4. National Chair emphasized to strengthen the position of EOCs so he urged the members to visit the EOCs more frequently. We need to be more vigilant and active in the high risk period.
  5. CCPV have made significant contribution by building Health Workers skills and competencies through on the job training and supportive supervision in the eradication of polio.
  6. National Chair informed the members that the PTP at Halanaka, Hyderabad is now fully operationalized.
  7. Shelter for Kashmore will be prepared before the end of this month.
  8. PNPPC has provided umbrellas, caps, badges, and water coolers to WHO for PTP staff.
  9. National Chair thanked and appreciated DG Jehangir Moghul for his outstanding contribution and support in his tenure towards polio eradication. In return DG Jehangir Moghul also thanked the National Chair along with other staff members of PolioPlus Committee for their support and mission of eradicating polio from Pakistan.


Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Cell: 03002178435

2nd Quarterly Review Meeting of 2016 – RI District 3272


The Second Quarterly Review meeting of the year 2016 for RI District 3272 was held in Avari Hotel, Lahore on 18th June, 2016 at 5.30 pm.


National Chair PNPPC Aziz Memon


DG Sajid Bhatti

DGE Mir Arif Ali

DGN Faiza Qamar

DGN2 Muhammad Mushtaq

Zonal Coordinator Punjab PDG Saeed Shamsi

Zonal Coordinator CDG Rauf Rohaila


Discussion points 

  1. Reviewed previous meetings discussion points. All members appreciated the actions taken.
  2. Rotary High Risk Focus Committee Islamabad has not been established yet. DGE Mir Arif will form the committee and confirm the names.
  3. CDG Rauf Rohaila said the Rotary High Risk Focus Committee is working in Peshawar, He will send the reports.
  4. National Chair urged that Rotarians should support and visit EOCs frequently.
  5. NEOC has requested PNPPC for the provision of 40,000 Vaccine Carriers. A Distribution plan will be submitted by NEOC for provincial EOCs which will be shared with all DG, DGE, DGNs and all Zonal Coordinators, once it is received.

A ceremony will be arranged once the first batch of vaccine carriers is received. A Vaccine Carriers distribution ceremony will be held and a vaccine carrier will be handed over to the Minister Health, Saira Tarrar, Senator Ayesha Raza.and Rotarians will be invited to attend the ceremony.

  1. It was informed that all Rotary’s PTPs are functioning in Punjab and are being monitored. Two new PTPs for Baghiari KPK will start functioning soon after their installation.
  2. National Chair mentioned the dates for NIDs and SNIDs from July till December 2016 as follows:


August September October November December
NIDs     26th – 29th     19th – 22nd
SNIDs 18th – 21st (Tier 1) 22nd – 25th

(Tier 1, 11 &111)

  24th – 27th 21st –  24th

He requested DG,DGE, DGNs and Zonal Coordinators to call on meetings of Rotary Clubs to encourage and ensure their participation in the upcoming SNIDs. He also suggested providing Rotary guidelines on Role of Rotarians in NIDs/SNIDs to all presidents of Rotary Clubs.

He stressed Rotary Clubs to be more vigilant and hold as many Health Camps after catch-up days to cover Missed Children in their areas.

  1. DG, DGE, DGN, DGN2 and Zonal Coordinators to involve respective Rotary Clubs for NIDs/SNIDs monitoring.
  2. CDG Rauf Rohaila will conduct two Ulema workshops in KPK and DGN2 Muhammad Mushtaq will organize one Ulema workshop in Jhang, Punjab. Both CDG Rauf Rohaila and DGN2 Muhammad Mushtaq will provide dates and further details of respective Ulema Workshops.
  3. School immunization is very important and Rotary Clubs should focus on school children. National Chair also informed that all Social Mobilization material especially pencils may be provided to Rotary leaders or directly to schools. This will create better advocacy.
  4. National Chair informed that Cellphone project is fully operationalized in Nowshera and Peshawar. However in Gujranwala the project needs more attention. Asher will be asked to look into the issues.
  5. Installation Ceremony to be held at PC Hotel Lahore. DGE Mir Arif will inform us what social mobilization items are required.
  6. National Chair gave detail of working of CCPVs. He said this cadre is selected from local communities and being paid on monthly basis by WHO.
  7. Introduction of IPV has made a lot of difference but it should be remembered that IPV is not a substitute of OPV.
  8. The situation in Central Pakistan is critical and needs more focused activities for polio eradication. The Otaaq system needs to be replaced with house to house campaign.
  9. National Chair discussed the visit of Rotary Delegation lead by Michael Mc Govern to Pakistan in the last week of June 2016..
  10. DG Sajid Bhatti suggested a Vaccinator Conference in the district. He will give more detail in due course of time.
  11. PNPPC chair appreciated the efforts of DG Sajid Bhatti in polio eradication throughout his tenure. He also requested DGE Mir Arif, DGN Faiza Qamar and DGN2 Muhammad Mushtaq to continue mission to eradicate polio.
  12. DG Sajid Bhatti appreciated the efforts of NPPC chair and his continued support to the district in all polio eradication initiatives. He said he will continue his mission even after his tenure in the same pace.

DGE Mir Arif, DGN Faiza Qamar and DGN2 Muhammad Mushtaq assured their full support to take the mission forward.

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks from the National Chair Aziz Memon to all participants for taking out the time to participate in the review meeting.


Aziz Memon

Member, International Polio Plus Committee &

National Chairman, Pakistan PolioPlus Committee

Rotary International