Polio Orientation and Planning Workshop District 3271 April 23, 2016 at MovenPick Hotel, Karachi

1. Group1-A- DGE Saleem Rao2.Aiden O Leary, Poio Chief UNICEF3. Dr.Sbih Malek,WHO4. Dr Saif ur Rehman,EOC Balochistanr5. Dr. Omer Baloch,Sec.,Healthh Balochistan_5-A.Haji Hanif Tayyap, Chair Ulema Committee6. Shahnaz Wazir Ali7. Breakout session Group 18. Breakout session Group 19. Shield Presentation to Haji Hanif Tayyab10. Salman Ahmed, Polio Ambassador11. Asif Ali shah,Commissioner Karachi12.DG Jehangir Mughal13. Participants (2)

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee chair conducted a Polio Orientation and Planning Workshop on April 23, 2016 at MovenPick Hotel, Karachi. The objective of the workshop was to encourage President Elect and Club Polio Committee chair Elect (2016 – 2017) of District 3271 to play an active role in the polio eradication program.

The workshop was started with the recitation of Quranic Verses.  District Governor Elect (3271) Saleem Rao welcomed all Rotarians and distinguished guests The Governor Elect thanked the National Chair for his relentless effort and commitment toward the cause of eradication of polio.

The formal proceedings of the workshop begin with the presentation of Aiden O’Leary Poilo Chief UNICEF. Aidan emphasized over “Social Mobilization Strategies and Advocacy”, that aimed at 1) Strengthening Emergency Operations Centre structures and systems at all levels; 2) Shift the polio eradication paradigm from “children covered” to “continuously missed children” and  3)Place front line workers at the centre of the polio eradication effort”. He also spoke on an enabling environment of the care givers supporting OPV and the perception of community support. He briefed the audience on the importance of contact made by every vaccinator in the field and concluded the presentation with “Regardless of Scenario, Every Vaccination Campaign Comes down To a Single, Critical Touch Point: A Short Personal Interaction With A Vaccinator: Their Success is Our Success.

Dr. Sbih Malek, WHO highlighted the present scenario of polio cases in the country. He presented a comparison of polio cases with the last year in same time period. He said the polio cases dropped down to 95%. However there is a need to concentrate on mobile population. He briefed participants on High Risk Mobile Population (HRMP) and described the international and inter provincial routes of migratory population from Afghanistan to Pakistan.

DGN Ovais Kohari spoke on Routine Immunization and said that vaccines are the greatest health achievement in the 20th century. However, because of low routine immunization, children are more vulnerable to the polio virus. He briefed the participants on the Operational Components of the Immunization System, elaborating on each one of the component: 1) Vaccine Supply 2) Logistics 3) Surveillance 4) Advocacy & Communication and 5) Service Delivery. He laid emphasis on six key components of the EPI: planning, management, coordination, supervision, training and finance and described it as the ‘Glue’ for success in every campaign. He urged Rotarians to get involved with health facilities and open more Permanent Immunization Centres (PIC) in hospitals and clinics to strengthen routine and make polio eradication their club’s signature project.

DGE Saleem Rao briefed participants of the role and responsibilities of newly elected presidents of Rotary Clubs. He stressed Rotary Clubs to increase their accessibility to polio partners and plan their strategies to end polio in their vicinities. He especially stressed Rotary Clubs that are working in rural areas of interior Sindh to ensure vaccination to all children.

Dr. Saif ur Rehman, Coordinator EOC Balochistan gave a brief on progress made in Balochistan with special focus on Quetta Block. He showed increased coverage of routine vaccination in Killa Abdullah, Pashin and Quetta during last four quarters. He pointed out, district Killa Abdullah has many challenges because of its geographical proximity to Afghan border. He also gave a brief presentation on Rotary interventions in Balochistan. Dr. Saif thanked Rotary for establishing a new two rooms Permanent Transit Post at Friendship Gate Chaman (Pak Afghan border). He said the PTP will facilitate cross border meetings with afghan counterparts.

Dr. Omer Baloch Secretary Health, Balochistan gave the overall scenario of routine immunization in his province. He said that all districts of Balochistan are well covered with routine immunization except Killa Abdullah and Pashin because of their boundaries with Afghanistan and migration through these two districts. He said Government of Balochistan putting all efforts to eradicate polio by extending EPI in these two districts.

Haji Mohammed Hanif Tayyab – Chair, Polio Ulema Committee, PPPC condemned the killing of seven policeman during the recent NID. He said the sacrifice of slain policeman has given us more strength and courage to fight battle against polio.

He highlighted the “Islamabad Declaration” and Fatwas for responsible parenthood. He said Ulemas are instrumental in convincing people of the misconceptions and myths of polio vaccine and bringing down refusals. They mobilize communities through mosques and madrassa. He said, the holy month of Ramzan is near and provide good opportunity to all religious leaders to communicate polio eradication messages to communities of their areas at different interval of times.

DGN 2 Irfan Qureshi spoke on Rotary’s contribution to eradicate polio globally.

A shield was first cited by DGN 2 Irfan Qureshi and Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali presented it to Haji Hanif Tayyab on behalf of National PolioPlus Committee in recognition of his services for polio eradication.  All the Guest Speakers, PDGs, DG, DGE, and DGN participated in honoring him.

National Chair Aziz Memon introduced Salman Ahmed as polio Ambassador. Salman Ahmed showed his commitment to spread polio eradication messages to all sections of civil society in Pakistan.

National Chair, PNPPC Aziz Memon thanked all participants. He elaborated the role of new presidents of Rotary Clubs of the district in polio eradication. He stressed all Rotary Clubs to hold as many Health Camps to cover missed children.  He informed Rotary Polio High Risk Focus Committees are working closely with EOC and Commissioner’s Task force to support polio eradication initiatives in Sukkur and Larkana as well. He added, we are not only focusing on polio but also to all other diseases like measles etc. He said we now reached to the stage where we shifted from tOPV to bOPV which is a sign of encouragement. We have commitment and dedication. He informed that as polio plus, Rotary is working closely to other partners like Coca Cola Beverages Ltd, who had provided  RO Water Filtration Plant for Malir where 20,000 population getting benefit of clean drinking water and now Coca Cola is providing seven Solar Water Filtration Plants for polio high risk areas.

He highly condemned killing of policeman who were performing duty with polio teams during SNID.

Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali, Coordinator Oversight committee, Health Government of Sindh seconds Haji Hanif suggestion to utilize the month of Ramzan to disseminate messages at key timings for polio eradication through community level religious leaders.  She appreciated working of EOC Sindh and EOC Balochistan. She said Dr. Saif made tremendous achievements in Balochistan and we are hopeful that all missed children and migratory population will be covered in coming months. She said there are still few challenges like political commitment, geographical accessibility in some areas of Balochistan and reaching to children in posh areas of Karachi etc. She said we can attain our goal once we reach to every child at every household.

National Chair Aziz Memon requested Chair Ulema Committee Haji Hanif Tayyab to offer prayers (Fateha) for slain policeman. All participants followed prayers and paid salute to those who lost their lives in the battle of polio eradication.

After the tea break, Breakout Sessions were started. Following three groups were made to prepare strategies to eradicate polio in their areas.

Group 1 led by PP Masood Bhalli

Group 2 led by PP Pardeep Kumar

Group 3 led by PP Dr. Hanif Khilji

In conclusion of the break out session, lunch was served.

The group participants made following recommendations;

Group 1 – Recommendations – PP Masood Bhali

  1. Role of a Rotary in the challenge of Polio Eradication in Pakistan was underlined.
  2. Contribution of Rotary Clubs in their areas for Polio eradication.
  3. Increase interaction with Health Department
  4. Rotaractors and Interactors can be usefully involved in polio eradication.
  5. Role of Health Camps and procedure for assistance from Polio plus was brought out with clarifications in answer to points raised by participants. It was good to see clear understanding of the matter.
  6. Rotary Clubs may assist in providing female volunteers in deficient areas.
  7. Group recommended that provision of articles of social mobilization to Rotary Clubs and Rotarians should be through and in consultation with the club Presidents.
  8. Areas without electricity such as desert of Tharparkar may be provided with solar refrigerators at vaccine centers.
  9. Strengthening and support of PTPs may be considered.
  10. EPI centers should strengthen at all levels
  11. A Rotarian may be nominated. President may request to DCs and ACs to include a Rotarian in the committees if not done.

Group 2 Recommendations PP Dr. Pardeep Kumar

The President elect will appoint Chairman Club Polio Plus committee and shall report the names of Chairman and members of this committee to Chairman Polio Plus committee:

This committee the will plan different Polio related activities more specifically Health Camps and these will be incorporated in Club Planning guide for the year 2016-17.

  1. Awareness programs regarding Misconceptions about Polio vaccines shall be organized in schools and different communities.
  2. President Elect will ensure to get name of Club Polio chair in DEPEC with DC and DHO.
  3. The Club Polio Plus chair must visit PPTP once in month, irrespective of which club has sponsored it.
  4. More cooperation with other agencies involved in Polio eradication
  5. Different clubs can join to form working groups to work jointly and more efficiently
  6. Some different angle must be now given to articles of social mobilizations

Group 3 Recommendations PP Dr. Hanif Khilji

  1.  Need to create sense of responsibility among communities for Routine Immunization.
  2. More Coordination among Rotary Clubs and National Polio Plus Committee.
  3. More interaction between Rotary Clubs and District Polio team.
  4. Ensure attendance in DPEC.
  5. Government also involve Rotary Clubs in their activities.
  6. Rotary Clubs initiate Polio Awareness campaigns in school and colleges

Speech by the Commissioner Karachi

Syed Asif Ali Shah, Commissioner Karachi, Chair Karachi Task Force was extremely busy visiting the hospitals and measuring the forecast heat waves, and we are extremely thankful that  he took out time to attend this important Polio Orientation Workshop in the afternoon.

He attended the concluding session. He said Rotary Clubs are playing important role in polio eradication at all levels. He appreciated National Chair Aziz Memon for his extra ordinary efforts to make Pakistan a Polio free country. He appreciated the role Rotary Polio High Risk Committee and extended his full cooperation with all Rotary Clubs.

He emphasized on building the trust for successful campaigning of Polio Eradication efforts throughout the country. He asked Rotary to give in their cooperation during the heat waves, literacy camps, and water hand pumps.

Concluding Remarks

District Governor Jehangir Mughal concluded the session and paid thank to all participants especially Secretary Health and EOC Coordinator Balochistan who came from Quetta to show their prosperity and commitment with polio eradication.

Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Cell: 03002178435

Meeting of Karachi Task Force Committee held on 19th April, 2016, at the Office of National PolioPlus Committee, Karachi.

DSC06395 (2)DSC06391 (2)DSC06390 (2)

Karachi Rotary Focus Group Chair called the Meeting of the Committee on 19th April, 2016. Members including NPPC Chair Aziz Memon, Chief Coordinator Masood Ahmed Bhalli, DGN Irfan Qureshi, PP Syeda Simran Hasan & PP Bena Fasat  attended  the meeting.


Agreed Points:


  1. Full support to make Orientation Workshop of 23rd April in Karachi a success.
  2. Energizing Rotarians for active participation in NIDs / SNIDs.
  3. Every Club to hold Health Camps.
  4. We can also hold Health camps in Rotary adopted schools of Government in Karachi.
  5. Committee to work closely with Commissioner Karachi.
  6. Commissioner Karachi is also attending event of 23rd April, 2016.
  7. Active Rotarians be given training by WHO / UNICEF by arranging workshops.


Aziz Memon

Member, International PolioPlus Committee

National Chair, Pakistan PolioPlus Committee



A Free Medical Camp organized by the Resource Center Mansehra with the help of Rotary Club of Rawalpindi and the partner organization,  (Akhtar Hameed Khan Resource Center, District Population Welfare, Family Planning Association Pakistan and the Local Initiatives) at Dhuk Hasu Rawalpindi on April 9, 2016.​

​ A team of doctors consists of ​

02 male doctors and 03 female doctors

02 LHVs along with Para Medical technicians

​ provided primary health care services and immunization. The camp started at

8:00 am ​till 3:00 PM Evening, following are OPDs and Registered Patients detail:


OPDs No. of Patients Female (Adults) Male (Adults Children Total

​ ​

104     104 104
EYE 246 134 87 25 246
Gynecology 187 187     187
General Physician 340 167 107 66 340

104 children below under 05 age have vaccinated during the medical camp, the medicines are provided by Rotary Club of Rawalpindi and some support have provided in Medicines from the District Health Officer DHO.

Doctors of the Medical Camp:

Dr. Muhammad Shahid Rahi

Dr. Shaheen

Dr. Rukhsana

Dr. Maryam

Dr. Amjad Gordazi

LHVs :

Miss. Rubina Sahiba

Miss. Sobina


Nowsherwan Khalil Khan

Waseem Riaz Malik

Muzzamil Ahmad Zahid

Muhammad Sohail

Mansehra Resource Center

Syed Latif

Amjad Hussain

Gul Nawat Khan

Akhtar Hameed Khan Resource Center (AHKRC)

Dr. Ayesha

Maryam Bibi


Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Cell: 03002178435

Convention on E Monitoring Cellphone Project- Nowshera

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Pakistan Rotary Polio Resource Center, Nowshera initiated a Cellphone monitoring project in Nowshera in April 2015. Total of one hundred Lady Health workers (LHWs) were given training to utilize cell phone through Text Messages for sending first hand information on Mother & Child Health Care and polio vaccination data.

A Convention was held for the Cellphone project on April 07 2016 at District Health Office, Nowshera. The Convention chaired by the National Chair Aziz Memon, the convention was attended by DG Sajid Bhatti (3272), PP Tayyaba Gul, Rtn Malik Tahir, Asher Ali.Project Manager PNPPC, District Health Officer Dr Arshad Khan, Dr. Mujtaba Khan EPI, Saima Riaz Coordinator Nutrition, Dr. Abdul Jalil, Coordinator LHW program, representatives of UNICEF, WHO, District Government officials and one hundred LHWs of the cellphone project.

PP Tayyaba Gul who overseas the working of the Youth Catalyst Pakistan who are Rotary’s local partners in Nowshera welcomed participants and gave brief on the back ground of the project. A power point presentation elaborated how the project has been engineered and the systematic flow of information as well as the utilization by the District Polio Control Room (DPCR). The presentation was facilitated by Dr Mutaba Khan Coordinator EPI.

After the formal presentation, the ceremony was preceded by Dr. Arshad Khan DHO, who welcomed guests and LHWs of the project. He highlighted the importance and appreciated the active participation of all LHWs.

PP Tayyaba Gul gave detail of training events and follow up sessions with the LHWs to develop their capacity to use SMS based data system. She appreciated the administrative and technical support of Asher Ali Project Manager at each step of the project.

LHW Shahida from UC River Kabul and LHW Perveen from UC Bara Banda expressed their views about the project. They said it was very new to use cell phone for information collection and making reports. It reduces the work load and keeping record of all beneficiaries and facilitates to follow up cases and tracing of missed children.

National Chair, Aziz Memon highlighted the role of the cellphone project to achieve maximum coverage of routine immunization. He said Health workers are the backbone of service delivery in the health sector. He commended all the LHWs who despite cultural barriers, participated in the project and played an integral role to reach every house and reporting through SMS based e monitoring system. He gave example of successful Cellphone project of Bangladesh where LHWs maximized routine immunization through the same project. He had high hopes with the LHWs of Nowshera district for wider coverage of improving Routine Immunization.

To motivate and increase enthusiasm of LHWs a shield were jointly presented by National Chair Aziz Memon, District Governor Sajid Bhatti and Dr. Arshad DHO to five LHWs who had outstanding performance in the last three months.

PP Tayyaba Gul presented shields on behalf of the Youth Catayst Pakistan to the National Chair Aziz Memon, District Governor Sajid Pervaiz Bhatti and Dr. Arshad Ahmed Khan,DHO Nowshera in recognition of their efforts to make the project successful.

At the end District Governor Sajid Bhatti appreciated the dedication and commitment of LHWs and thanked all the participants for their time in making this a successful project.

Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Cell: 03002178435


Luncheon Meeting with General Asif Ali, Commandant Artillery Nowshera Cantonment, Nowshera

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Pakistan Rotary Polio Resource Center Nowshera arranged a convention on Cellphone project on April 07 2016 at Nowshera. National Chair Aziz Memon distributed shields to those LHWs who reported maximum number of reports during last three months.

On the same day, General Asif Ali, Commandant Artillery, Nowshera invited National Chair Aziz Memon and Rotarians to a luncheon meeting at his Commandant Office Nowshera. The objective of the meeting was to discuss current polio situation in Pakistan especially in KPK and FATA. DG Sajid Bhatti, PP Tayyaba Gul, Rtn Malik Tahir and Asher Ali Project Manager accompanied the National Chair Aziz Memon to the Nowshera Cantonment. The Rotary team was given full protocol and was welcomed by General Asif Ali and his team members Colonel Ali and Capt. Daniyal Asfand.

National Chair introduced his team members and highlighted the role of Rotarians and the polio projects in the intervention strategy. The current status of polio in the country was discussed with special focus on situation in Khyberpakhtunkhawa and FATA. He said no polio drops were given to children of FATA for three years resulting a number of polio cases that have been identified from the region. He added, after the Zarb-e-Azab, a big portion of the FATA population migrated from FATA to Karachi. These IDPs created pockets of Pashtun colonies in Karachi and caused the spread of polio virus.

He said intensified polio eradication efforts are being carried out to cover population patches with Routine Immunization to overcome the problem. However there is a need to focus activities in FATA. Likewise the situation at border villages is needed to improve. He said this could only be done with the support of Pak Army.

General Asif Ali assured his full support, and mentioned that during his last posting at South Waziristan, a number of children were given polio vaccination but still it is important to cover every child. Rtn. Tayyaba Gul pointed out areas in Aza Khel UC where group of refusals are settled. She sought support of Pak army to approach these refusals and ensure polio vaccination to their children. She also said that Rotary is running a Resource Center in Nowshera and we need security from the Pakistan Army.

General Asif Ali assured security support to our Nowshera Resource Center and to assist in supporting refusals.

At the end, General Asif Ali presented a Silver shield to National Chair Aziz Memon and mementos to all participants.

The National Chair thanked the General for his protocol in arranging to pick him from the Peshawar airport and his his support to polio eradication initiatives.


Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Cell: 03002178435