Inauguration of Shelter at Pak-Afghan border Torkham, FATA Khyberpakhtunkhawa

Inauguration of Shelter at Pak-Afghan border Torkham, FATAKhyberpakhtunkhawa

3. Inauguration of Shelter at Torkham- Pak-Afghan Border (1)

Rotary International’s Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee initiated the first polio shelter on April 10th‘ 2010 to target families with children crossing from Pakistan to Afghanistan and vice versa. The two shelters (one at Torkham in Pakistan and the other in Jalalabad in Afghanistan) were established to facilitate polio vaccination teams in inclement weather conditions as well as serve as a Permanent Transit Post (PTP). The purpose was to target missed children and those in transit. The shelter at the Torkham border was damaged and partly destroyed during firing across the border sometime in July 2016. The request to reinstate the shelter was made by the Government of Pakistan and WHO. It was important to reinstate the functions of the shelter, when Pakistan and Afghanistan are making good progress as the year draws to an end and coverage has significantly improved. This mutual cooperation between the two countries to eradicate polio is a positive sign that the Governments are committed and dedicated to end polio in 2016.


As per Rotary’s Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee strategy for intensified efforts to eradicate polio, Rotary has immediately took action on the request of EOC FATA and WHO to replace damaged shelter to continue functioning of polio vaccination at the border shelters.


A Rotary delegation comprised of National Chair Aziz Memon, CDG Rauf Rohaila, Salman Ahmed, Polio Ambassador, Azmat Hayat President Rotary Club Peshawar South, Rtn Khursheed Khan, Rtn.Tayyaba Gul, Rtn. Imran Gul, Rtn Badar Shah, Rtn Tahir Malik,Rtn Ghayur Sethi, Rtn Nowsherwan and Asher Ali Project Manager visited the Tokham border today; 23 August 2016 to inaugurate the Shelter for PTP at the border.


At the occasion Dr.Nadeem Jan EOC FATA BMGF Consultant, Dr. Tufail Ahmed HRMP, FATA, Dr. Sher Amin UNICEF, Dr. Mirwais Khan PEO Khyber Agency, Dr. Sajjad Rasool Assistant Commissioner Khyber Agency, Dr. Irfan Ellahi Focal Person FATA WHO, Dr. Sher Khan N-STOP Officer welcomed the Rotary delegation at Torkham border.


The Rotary delegation also met with the Afghan counterparts at the office of Assistant Political Agent Torkham who came there for cross border meeting for polio eradication. The Afghan delegation comprised of Dr. Naushad Akbar R-EOC, Fazaullah Yousufzai PEO,Dr. Farooq Mirza ARPO/WHO,Dr. Shamas ul Haq Barnuri BMGF, Laloon ER, EPI Consultant. The Afghan delegation informed that they are covering the area of Eastern Afghanistan including Nagarhar, Kunhar Nuristan provinces. During the meeting the delegations exchanged the views and committed to kick off polio from both countries and leaving no stone behind to cover each and every child vaccinated.


Soon after the meeting an inauguration ceremony of the Permanent Transit Post was held at the Shelter point. National Chair Aziz Memon inaugurated the shelter. He also met with the polio vaccinators and observed polio vaccination to the children coming and going from the post.


At the end Dr. Nadeem Jan paid thanks to Rotary for its continued support to FATA EOC and provision of shelters, umbrellas, water coolers, jackets, social mobilization material for polio vaccinators at different PTPs.

Report By :  Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International

Provincial Task Force Meeting on Polio Eradication

Provincial Task Force Meeting on Polio Eradication

3. PTF Group

A Provincial Task Force Meeting on Polio Eradication was held today ie; August 17, 2016 at Sindh Secretariat, Karachi. The objective of the meeting was to discuss Implementation status of June Provincial Task Force (PTF) meeting action points and SIAs performance in Karachi and North Sindh areas. The meeting was chaired by Siddiq Memon, Chief Secretary Sindh.


The meeting was attended by Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq, Prime Minister Focal Person on Polio Eradication, Ayub Shaikh, Secretary Health Government of Pakistan, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, Chairperson, Oversight Committee Sindh, Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali, Coordinator Oversight Committee Sindh, Secretary Health A.B Narejo, Commissioners of  Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Mirpurkhas and all Deputy Commissioners of Karachi. The meeting was also represented by polio partners Dr. Abidi TL, WHO, Dr Temesgen TL Sindh WHO, Dr. Thomas Grien WHO, Dr. Altaf Bosan, Technical Consultant BMGF, Jalpa Ratna Deputy Chief polio UNICEF, National Chair PNPPC Aziz Memon, and Asher Ali, Project Manager Rotary International.


Chief Secretary Sindh Siddiq Memon opened the session and welcomed the guests. He informed that polio eradication is on top of government agenda. He assured his all administrative support to polio program. He stressed to improve conditions in North Sindh.


Dr. Azra briefly gave the current scenario of polio cases in Sindh. She said there is a need to strengthen routine immunization to complete the vaccination process and get rid of this crippling disease. She also pointed out the distribution of vaccine carriers and maintaining of proper inventories. She said it has been reported that polio workers kept these vaccine carriers and do not return back to Area Incharges.

She thanked Rotary for its support in polio eradication activities especially in timely provision of vaccine carriers for all over Pakistan and specifically for Sindh as per requirement. She requested commissioners to ensure proper utilization and record keeping of vaccine carriers at district and union council level.


Fayyaz Jatoi EOC Coordinator Sindh gave detail of last month Provincial Task Force Action points;

1)      EOC Coordinator appointed

2)      Posting of DHOs Karachi is in process

3)      DHOs Shikarpur Sukkur Kamber and THOs Bin Qasim, Liaqatabad replaced on ground of their poor performance.

4)      Divisional Task Forces at Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Benazirabad have been notified

He said environmental samples are negative in Karachi since last three months.

Ayub Shaikh, Secretary Health said routine immunization is key to improve the situation. He briefly presented “Polio Eradication End Game Strategy 2013-18”. He said the role of EOCs is instrumental and lot of achievements has been made as per NEAP. He focused on Synergy to Legacy.  He highlighted results of AFP in Balochistan where 48% AFP cases were reported as no zero dosage. Similarly in Kasmore Northern Sindh where 52% cases have been reported as no zero dosage. This indicates our weak routine immunization and he requested Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners to ensure routine immunization along with OPV in these areas.


At the end Commissioners ensured that they will focus on improving situation by strengthening routine immunization.

The Chair ensured full commitment of the Government and thanked all officials and polio partners for making their efforts.


Aziz Memon, National Chair thanked Dr. Azra to raise the concern regarding proper management of Vaccine carriers. He said Rotary will continue its support to eradicate polio from the country. He added, that ILRs are also providing to EPI Sindh to strengthen cold chain and cover maximum children.


Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq said in her concluding remarks that a lot of improvement has been made but still we have to go long and ensure negative environmental samples from each location. She appreciated the efforts of the Chief Secretary to establish task forces for Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana.


The Chair, Siddiq Memon Chief Secretary Sindh concluded the meeting with his commitment to

provide all administrative and financial support needed to kick off polio from Sindh. He said the approvals regarding appointment of UCMOs and LHWs administrative issues will be resolved on priority basis shortly. He thanked all participants and appreciated their support to eradicate polio from the province.

By Asher Ali

Rotaract District Assembly was held at Karachi Gymkhana on 30th of July 2016


Rotaract District Assembly was held at Karachi Gymkhana on 30th of July 2016

National Chair Aziz Memon was invited as a motivational
speaker on the Annual Rotaract District Assembly & Installation Ceremony
2016-2017, the event was organized by DRR Natalia Gul Jilani and attended by alumni
and faculty of different universities. While delivering a speech National Chair
Aziz Memon strongly emphasized on the eradication of the Polio from Pakistan,
although with the efforts of both the Rotaract and the National Chair Aziz Memon
the numbers of the polio victims have been brought down, After the speech
National Chair Aziz Memon was applauded for his hard work and achievements.

 A humanitarian is someone who actively engages in promoting human welfare and social reforms, and who has no prejudice with human suffering on grounds of gender, religious, or national divisions. Being a humanitarian’s goal is to save lives, relieve suffering and maintain human dignity. As a member International Polio Plus Committee and National Chair, Pakistan Polio Plus Committee, Rotary International Aziz Memon is an individual, who has stepped up and taking this role to its true meaning. When asked why he had chosen this role, his reply was “because working for humanity is universal, it holds no boundaries, no cultures and no religion;

Polio remains endemic in two countries – Afghanistan and Pakistan. Rotary International’s Pakistan National PolioPlus Committee has made inroads through projects and activities that have restricted the transmission of polio virus.

Follow Up Training of Community Midwives (CMWs) in E Monitoring Cellphone Project-Peshawar

Follow Up Training of Community Midwives (CMWs) in E Monitoring Cellphone Project-PeshawarJuly 28, 2016

E monitoring is now become a need of all activities to give real time report with all details for further planning and action taken. We have started e monitoring with Mother Neonatal Child Health program of Government of Khyberpakhtunkhawa in January 2016. The Community Midwives (CMWs) are the focus health workres of MNCH program. First training was given in January followed by follow up sessions to improve understanding of CMWs with the e monitoring project and its utilization. There are 30 CMWs registered with the Cellphone project in Peshawar. The last Follow up training held in May 2016 proved to be very successful as the results of June showed that 80% CMWs used the system on all 30 days of the month of June and reported 374 messages. To encourage CMWs, a reward of Rs.500 was given to four CMWs who sent highest number of messages during the month. 

The main objective of the follow up training was to review the progress and rectify errors which were faced by few CMWs for proper reporting.

A follow-up training session of CMWs was conducted on 28 July 2016 at MNCH facility Hayatabad, Peshawar. CDG Rauf Rohaila and Rtn Khursheed Khan organized the training event. The training was facilitated by Mobin Ahmed, Technical Resource person from EYCON Pvt Ltd (Technological Partner), Nadia Khan, Coordinator Cellphone Project, Dr Hidayatulla M&E officer MNCH Peshawar and Asher Ali Project Manager, PNPPC.

An individual session was also held with each CMW to discuss thier reports. The cell phone numbers were validated again and resolved issues of sending reports.

Each and every CMW was given separate time to resolve her issues for prompt reporting.

Conclusion: Discussion on issues proved very fruitful to facilitate prompt reporting on daily basis. The next follow up session is planned in the second week of September 2016.

Inauguration of Two Shelters for PTP at Bhagiari, Khyber Agency, FATA, Khyberpakhtunkhawa


Inauguration of Two Shelters for PTP at Bhagiari, Khyber Agency, FATA, Khyberpakhtunkhawa

As per Rotary’s Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee strategy for intensified efforts to eradicate polio, Rotary has provided two shelters on request of EOC FATA

Baghiari Check Post Khyber Agency FATA at either side of the highway. These shelters are made up 20​x8​ to ensure quality long re fabricated containers. These re fabricated containers were those that  inspected by the International Chair Polio Plus Committee Michael MC Govern along with National Chair Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee Aziz Memon at container yard, Islamabad on 30th June 2016

​ Baghiari check post is located about 45 km from Pak Afghan Torkham border. All transit population travel between Pakistan and Afghanistan has to pass from this check post. A team of 26 polio vaccinators working at this check post and average coverage is 900 children per day. Rangers of Frontier Constabulary (FC) facilitating polio vaccinators at the post and ensuring to stop each vehicle till vaccination is completed.

CDG Rauf Rohaila arranged the inauguration ceremony at Baghiari and despite of security concerns at the Pak Afghan border at Torkham, the National Chair visited the polio check post at Bhagiari to inaugurate both shelters for Permanent Transit Posts.

The inauguration ceremony of the Baghairi PTP was held today ie; 27 July 2016. National Chair Aziz Memon inaugurated both shelters at either side of the highway.

The ceremony was attended by Zia Ur Rehman, assistant Political Agent Khyber agency FATA, Dr. Sarfaraz Khan EPI FATA, Dr. Nadeem, WHO and UNICEF representatives, CDG Rauf Rohaila, Rtn Khursheed Khan, Rtn Azmat Hayat, AG Tayyaba Gul and   Asher Ali Project Manager PNPPC Rotary International.

The National Chair inspected both re fabricated shelters followed by visiting FC check posts where he met with polio vaccinators and FC officials. He appreciated the best vaccination arrangements at the PTP and informed that Rotary is also providing a new shelter and will replace the damaged existing shelters to provide best facilitation to the polio vaccinators working at PTP Torkham Pak-Afghan border as well.

Dr. Sarfaraz EPI FATA thanked National Chair Aziz Memon for his visit to Baghiari which gives lot of strength to all Khyber agency officers and polio teams.

1. Inauguration of PTP 1 2.Inauguration of PTP 2 3. Meeting with local EPI, WHO UNICEF at Bhagiari PTP 4. National Chair Aziz Memon with Polio Vaccinators and FC tean 5. Administrating Polio drops at PTP Bhagiari 6. A Group Photo with all officials