Rotary Polio Resource Centre

Rotary’s Pakistan Polio Plus Committee is inaugurating a Polio Resource Centre at
Bright Education Society, situated in a densely populated town in Western part of
Karachi called the Sindh Industrial Training Estate (S.I.T.E) Town.

The Resource Centre is being established as a permanent immunization centre to
strengthen routine immunization in new born and infants, vital to the progress
in the eradication of polio. Given the critical need of the program in Pakistan and the

potential of Rotary to make a significant contribution, Rotary has an intensified action plan to
provide targeted support to the on-going polio eradication activities as stated in the augmented
National Emergency Action Plan (NEAP), with special focus on the polio risk districts.

The resource centre will consist of two full time doctors for general health care
and six full time social mobilizes to activate neighbouring communities against
refusals to polio vaccine and in areas where access is limited.

The aim of establishing a resource centre in the heart of SITE is because of the
surrounding population. It is bordered by Gadap to the North, Liaquatabad and
North Nazimabad to the East, Lyari and Saddar Town to the South and Baldia
and Orangi to the North West. Several ethnic groups inhabit SITE; however
the Pashtun speaking populations form the largest group in the area, where
population is estimated to be a little over one million people. It may also be
mentioned; that all the above Towns are considered Polio High Risk and traces of
the polio virus is known to exist in the sewage samples.

Speaking on the need for health camps and resource centres, Rotary’s
National Chair Pakistan Polio Plus Committee said “ , “Overall immunity [of
the child] is lowered due to other health issues – for instance, malnutrition,
lack of breastfeeding, no space between births. Why is it that you and I aren’t
contracting polio? It’s because our immunity levels are high enough to hold back
the disease.” Mr. Memon emphasized the Rotary-led polio campaign
in Pakistan is called ‘Polio Plus’: “We focus on polio, yes — but we also
carry out general routine immunization.” The idea, according to him and
The characteristic of the global health agenda is this: we can eradicate polio and
we can improve general health at the same time; that it is possible to do it al.
OCTOBER 04’2012