Polio Ambassador Salman Ahmed visited Pakistan Rotary Resource Center Gulshan Town, Karachi


Pakistan Rotary Resource Center Gulshan Town  is working closely with polio partners to facilitate their services for polio eradication in polio high risk union councils of the town.  

The center is now become a training facility for Female Community Volunteers (FCVs), Continued Community Polio Vaccinators (CCPVs), Area Supervisors and Polio teams. A number of capacity development initiatives are being conducted in the center and WHO/ UNICEF trainers are providing training to polio teams. In addition, the center is providing safe space and conducive environment for polio teams for data compilation during Evening Meetings.  

Polio Ambassador Salman Ahmed has always be very active to motivate polio workers working at grassroots level to increase their enthusiasm. He visited Pakistan Rotary Resource Center Gulshan Town on 9th June 2016 to meet with the group of FCVs/ Area in charges at the center. He shared his experiences of motivation to other polio workers at different parts of the country. The group of grass roots polio workers was much inspired by the presence of Salman Ahmed and committed more zealous efforts to make their union councils free of polio.

Asher Ali

Project Manager

Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee

Rotary International