Polio Orientation and Planning Workshop 2017-18

Polio Orientation and Planning Workshop will be held in February (District 3272) and  March  District (3271). It  is organized for all incoming Rotary Presidents and Assistant Governors for the year 2017-2018,

The Workshop is aim to brief, educate and make our incoming leaders more aware and knowledgeable on polio eradication and Health awareness to increase coverage of polio vaccination and reaching to refusals and missed children in difficult part of the country.

The Workshop will provide an opportunity to:

  • Discuss Strategies on how to prevent polio from being transmitted.
  • Share & exchange ideas in a Q & A session, on how to take the process          forward.


Polio Camp by Rotary Club of Karachi Gateway at Taleemgarh School Karachi


President Aslam Khaliq – Rotary Club of Karachi Gateway and Rtn Yusuf Aftab, introduced an innovative approach to educate under privileged children of urban slum communities adjoining affluent areas in Karachi. The Gateway Club utilized premises of a private Taleemgah school, situated on the outskirts of Nursery, block 6 PECHS Karachi. The area is close to the railway tracks, where many displaced families (mainly Pashtun) have made makeshift homes. The club has undertaken this challenge to educate some of the poor children in the evening shift school. A total 0f 130 young children are enrolled in the school, which are provided school uniforms, books and stationary, ‘free of cost’. The concept of the “evening school” is “education for all” by utilizing all available resources at optimum level. It also sets a president for other philanthropist organizations to make education accessible to every child of our society.  

The Rotary Club of Karachi Gateway arranged a polio camp, on 19th January 2017 at the school premises. District Governor (3271) M. Saleem Rao and National Chair Aziz Memon attended the polio camp. The vaccinator administering OPV was arranged by PNPPC through EPI Sindh. PP Aslam Khaliq appreciated the visit of the District Governor and National Chair, and encouraged the initiative of free education by more clubs. He informed that poor children who have no access to education are now getting primary education in the evening school with no cost.  

 NPPC Chair in his brief remarks appreciated the efforts of RC Karachi Gateway. Club is providing healthcare & education to poor children. Killing two birds with one stone.

Asher Ali

Project Manager


DG Saleem Rao administrating polio drops to the child

DG Saleem Rao administrating polio drops to the child at Polio Camp


NPPC Chair Aziz Memon administrating polio drops to the child

NPPC Chair Aziz Memon administrating polio drops to the child at Polio Camp

Rotarian from Japan and Canada take part in the last NIDs of 2016

Day One (19th Dec 2016) 


Rtn Yuji Nagata from RC Rikuzer-Takata Dist 2520 in Japan visited Pakistan specially to participate in the December 19 – 22 NIDs. The current and next two months (January & February 2017) are low transmission season months, which is a crucial time for us to optimize our surveillance and monitoring to ensure no child remains unvaccinated.


Rtn Yuji Nagata participated visited two polio high risk areas; one in Sikandarabad and the other in Machar Colony Karachi. He was accompanied by his interpreter and Asher Ali Project Manager, PNPPC. Yuji San visited the Rotary Resource Center at Sikandarabad where Asher Ali explained the working and operation of the center; showed how the Training Facility for Community Based Vaccinators (CBV) is operated and accompanied him with the polio teams, during the door to door campaign. He administrated polio drops to children and spoke with polio workers in detail, asking them of their work and arrangements for their security.


Rtn. Yuji Nagata commented “ I had the impression that it would be risky to visit houses during the NIDs, but I feel free and can go where I please with no risk of security”, Yuji san visited many houses and met with community people. He also checked their micro plans, registers and list of missed children. In the afternoon, he visited the Railway Station at Cantt. He was keen to inspect the boogies and talk to people. He was happy with the polio teams who were administering polio drops to passengers, coming into the station and those leaving the station.


Day Two (20th December 2016)


On second day, Rotarian Andrea Tirone from Rotary Club of Toronto, Canada joined the delegation to participate in the National Campaign. Project Manager Asher Ali took the delegation to the Resource Centre at Gulshan Town. Yuji san and Andrea joined polio teams in Sachal Town. They visited house to house to administer polio drops to the children less than 5 years of age with the polio teams. The Rotarians appreciated the commitment and hard work of polio workers. They also met with UCMO Dr. Ashraf and asked questions about planning of campaign in his area of jurisdiction.

At the end, both Rotarians appreciated the joint efforts of polio partners and the role model of Resource Centers that provide training facility to Front Line workers and a pivotal point for assembling before the start of the polio campaign. After their visit to Gulshan Town, they went to the Super Highway where Rotary has established Permanent Transit Posts (PTPs) at the exit and entry points. They saw the buses/van/cars and wagons coming in and being stopped by police and rangers, so that polio workers could immunize children entering Karachi. Yuji san also climbed inside the buses to see how the teams were vaccinating children.

Both Rotarians Yuji Nagata and Andrea Tirone thanked PNPPC for arranging field visits and an opportunity for them to take part in the last National Campaign of 2016.

Rtn Yugi on house to house polio campaign

Rtn Yugi on house to house polio campaign

Rtn yugi checking cold chain in Resource Center Machar Colony (1)

Rtn yugi checking cold chain in Resource Center Machar Colony (1)

Rtn Yugi marking finger

Rtn Yugi marking finger

Group with polo workers & Polio partners

Group with polo workers & Polio partners



Monitoring Visit of Ittehad Town and Gadap Town by UNDP and Coca Cola

A meeting was scheduled today on 29th Nov 2016 with Coca Cola and UNDP at Rotary Head office. The meeting was attended by Usman Manzoor from UNDP, Natasha Haroon from Coca Cola, Aziz Memon, Asher Ali, Alina Visram and Shaukat Ali (from Rotary International). Purpose of the meeting was to brief the project activities done by the Rotary team and to discuss the future activities of the project. Brief presentation was made by Asher Ali which includes Success & challenges faced by teams during successful installation of Solar Water Filtration plant.


Till dated, Rotary has successfully installed & inaugurated two Solar Water Filtration plants while the third SITE has been also identified and selected by the management. Usman Manzoor gave his positive feedback over the presentation and suggested to take before and after lab reports of water sample of every selected site. Both the guests appreciated the work of Rotary team. It was also briefed that selected Sites are the most High Risk UCs of Karachi where hardly any development organization is present. For the installation of Solar Water filtration plants, Rotary have fully support of EOC (Emergency Operation Cell), UNICEF & WHO even SITES were also suggested by them.


After presentation, Site visit was scheduled along with UNDP & Cocacola team members. First stop was UC 2 Ittehad Town – Baldia Town where Solar Water Filtration plant is installed & benefiting thickly populated community. Second stop was UC 4 Gujro – Gadap Town where another filtration plant is benefiting outskirt population of Karachi. After the meeting with beneficiaries and monitoring activities, Medina Colony – Tora Bora was the last Site. Madina Colony is the third Site which is finalized for the installation of 3rd Solar Water Filtration Plant. At the end, guests praised the extra efforts of Rotary team to achieve the target on time.



Inauguration of Third Solar Water Filtration Plant at Madina Colony Tora Bora, Malir Cantt, Karachi

Provincial Polio Emergency Center Sindh requested Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee to support social mobilization interventions in polio high risk areas of Karachi as polio plus activities. In view of the dire need of safe drinking water especially in the areas where possibilities of polio virus exist due to improper sanitation and non-availability of potable water, it was suggested to install Solar Water Filtration plants to increase access to safe drinking water, decrease water borne diseases and increase credibility of polio partners in high refusal areas. Rotary in collaboration with CocaCola Pakistan and UNDP initiated a proposal for installation of Solar Water Filtration Plants in six polio high risk areas of Karachi and one in Peshawar.


Madina Colony, Torabora Malir Karachi is one of the locations where Pashtun population migrated from Tora Bora area of Afghanistan.  It is one of the polio high risk union council and termed as polio reservoir in Karachi. The population of the area is predominant by Pashtun speaking population and in view of high priority union council; third Solar Water Filtration Plant installed at the location. The plant will cater 28,000 population of the catchment area.


An inauguration ceremony of Solar Water Filtration Plant held on 03 January 2017at Madina Colony Karachi. The Plant was jointly inaugurated by the National Chair Aziz Memon and Chair Ulema Committee Haji Hanif Tayyab.


The inauguration ceremony was attended by Dr. Altaf Bosan National Consultant BMGF at N EOC Islamabad, Dr. Ahmed Ali Shaikh BMGF Sindh, Muhammad Aamir and Jan Muhammad from WHO, Dr. Ahad District Government, local stake holders of WHO,UNICEF. Rotary was represented by DGN Irfan Qureshi, PP Ashraf Ghori, PP Iqbal Alvi, Rtn   Dr. Hera Lal, Rtn. Sumera RC Clifton, Rotractors Ayyaz Khattak, Rabia Fatima, Shaukat Ali Project Coordinator, and Asher Ali, Project Manager PNPPC.


A short briefing was given by Asher Ali and Muhammad Aamir regarding area profile. The importance of polio plus activity of Water Plant was highlighted in the area. Tariq Jamsheed, Engineer of the Solar Plant elaborated the mechanism of the plant.  The guests were also briefed about the sustainability of the project. It was told by Asher Ali, that a number of community meetings were carried out before launching the project for optimal utilization of filtered water and maintenance of the plant.


Haji Hanif Tayyab started the solar by pushing the button plant and open the water taps to functionalize the system and drink the water to ensure quality. After Inauguration a symbolic Key of the plant presented to the local community leader Molana Abdul Ghaffar.  He will be responsible for operationalization of the plant. Prayers were also offered for b

Water Filteration Plant

Water Filtration Plant

Inauguration of the plant

Inauguration of the plant

 Starting of the Plant

Starting of the Plant

betterment of the communities residing in the area.