Inauguration of Third Solar Water Filtration Plant at Madina Colony Tora Bora, Malir Cantt, Karachi

Provincial Polio Emergency Center Sindh requested Pakistan National Polio Plus Committee to support social mobilization interventions in polio high risk areas of Karachi as polio plus activities. In view of the dire need of safe drinking water especially in the areas where possibilities of polio virus exist due to improper sanitation and non-availability of potable water, it was suggested to install Solar Water Filtration plants to increase access to safe drinking water, decrease water borne diseases and increase credibility of polio partners in high refusal areas. Rotary in collaboration with CocaCola Pakistan and UNDP initiated a proposal for installation of Solar Water Filtration Plants in six polio high risk areas of Karachi and one in Peshawar.


Madina Colony, Torabora Malir Karachi is one of the locations where Pashtun population migrated from Tora Bora area of Afghanistan.  It is one of the polio high risk union council and termed as polio reservoir in Karachi. The population of the area is predominant by Pashtun speaking population and in view of high priority union council; third Solar Water Filtration Plant installed at the location. The plant will cater 28,000 population of the catchment area.


An inauguration ceremony of Solar Water Filtration Plant held on 03 January 2017at Madina Colony Karachi. The Plant was jointly inaugurated by the National Chair Aziz Memon and Chair Ulema Committee Haji Hanif Tayyab.


The inauguration ceremony was attended by Dr. Altaf Bosan National Consultant BMGF at N EOC Islamabad, Dr. Ahmed Ali Shaikh BMGF Sindh, Muhammad Aamir and Jan Muhammad from WHO, Dr. Ahad District Government, local stake holders of WHO,UNICEF. Rotary was represented by DGN Irfan Qureshi, PP Ashraf Ghori, PP Iqbal Alvi, Rtn   Dr. Hera Lal, Rtn. Sumera RC Clifton, Rotractors Ayyaz Khattak, Rabia Fatima, Shaukat Ali Project Coordinator, and Asher Ali, Project Manager PNPPC.


A short briefing was given by Asher Ali and Muhammad Aamir regarding area profile. The importance of polio plus activity of Water Plant was highlighted in the area. Tariq Jamsheed, Engineer of the Solar Plant elaborated the mechanism of the plant.  The guests were also briefed about the sustainability of the project. It was told by Asher Ali, that a number of community meetings were carried out before launching the project for optimal utilization of filtered water and maintenance of the plant.


Haji Hanif Tayyab started the solar by pushing the button plant and open the water taps to functionalize the system and drink the water to ensure quality. After Inauguration a symbolic Key of the plant presented to the local community leader Molana Abdul Ghaffar.  He will be responsible for operationalization of the plant. Prayers were also offered for b

Water Filteration Plant

Water Filtration Plant

Inauguration of the plant

Inauguration of the plant

 Starting of the Plant

Starting of the Plant

betterment of the communities residing in the area.