Karachi Task Force Meeting – 9th February 2017

Karachi Commissioner Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Chaired the Karachi Task Force meeting on 9th February 2017 at the Commissioner House. The meeting was to review the January 2017 NIDs and impendingĀ IPV campaign starting in February. I and DGE Ovais Ahmed Kohari represented Rotary.

TheĀ commissioner said, he was congratulated in Islamabad regarding exemplary improvement in the last campaign, which he in turn ascribed to team work. During discussions, the Chair raised several points regarding gaps in non performing UCs. Presentations provided a list of poor performing UCs which has been recently compiled by EOC.

A new parameter of recording ‘Guest Children’ has been introduced which numbers were provided. The Chair said,that good workers should be compensated with payments ranging from Rs 2000 to 5000 in a two member team. His concluding remarks included more attention to the missing children which totaled to almost 30,000 in Karachi.

I pointed out to Chair that in these crucial times in the presentations, more focus is required on gaps. I also referred to exceptionally unhygienic conditions in and around Rotary Resource Center in Machar Colony Resource Centres which were used as training centres.

The meeting was attended by all Karachi DCs, Polio Partners, EOC Coordinator and EPI.

Report by:

PP Masood Ahmed Bhalli

Chief Zonal Coordinator, Sindh