Inauguration of PTP shelter at Chaman, Balochistan

Despite security concerns at the Pak Afghan border on the Balochistan side, the National Chair visited the polio checkpost at the Friendship Gate. Rotary has established 33 shelters at high risk locations across the country including Balochistan.

A short stop en route to the Chaman border was made at the newly established PTP at Yaro in Balochistan. Dr. Saif Ur Rehman and Abdi Nasir TL WHO Balochistan welcomed the Rotary delegation and mentioned that an average 1000 children are given polio drops at the Yaro check post. The vaccine and cold chain equipment was monitored and appreciated by the National Chair who praised the vaccinators for their efforts and commitment.


The visit to the shelter at Friendship Gate Pak-Afghan border at Chaman in Balochistan was to inaugurate the Chaman PTP. The construction of the PTP at the Chaman border has two large rooms, lounge, kitchen and washroom. The purpose of providing this large shelter is to facilitate Cross Border Meetings between Afghanistan and Pakistan on polio eradication. Afghan counterparts meet with Balochistan EOC and health Department to plan strategies and implement campaigns to cover children in transit. The cross border PTP targets all incoming and out going children between the two countries. 


The inauguration ceremony of the Chaman PTP was held on 20 July 2016 at the Friendship Gate. National Chair Aziz Memon inaugurated the shelter along with Deputy Commissioner Killa Abdullah- Chaman  Khuda Dad Khan.

 The ceremony attended by Dr.Abidi Nasir TL WHO, Dr. Rasheed Nasr District Health Officer (DHO), Assistant Commissioner Chaman Hafeez Qasim, Dr.Saeed and Dr. Nasir from N-STOP, Dr. Abdullah  and Dr. Hameed PEO,WHO, Mehmood Khan DHCSO and PP Dr Hanif Khilji and Asher Ali Project Manager PNPPC Rotary International.


The Balochistan Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Coordinator Dr. Saif Ur Rehman highlighted the importance of PTP at Chaman border. He also briefed the situation of other shelters at other Pak-Afghan borders located at Noshki, Chagi and Sherani. He said there was immense need for big shelter to convene Cross Border meetings and strengthening collaboration to combat polio along our borders. He thanked Rotary profusely for not just providing shelters but for large sun umbrellas, vaccine carriers, caps, jackets etc for the field teams. Deputy Commissioner Chaman Khudad Khan underlined the efforts for polio eradication in district Killa Abdullah. He also thanked Rotary for its continued support and encouragement.


The National Chair inspected the building followed by the check post at the border where he met with polio vaccinators and military officials. He was informed that an average 1500 children are administered polio vaccine on a daily basis.

After the inspection of the shelter, Dr. Saif ur Rehman EOC Coordinator called a meeting the at DC House in Chaman, where he made a presentation. He gave statistics of polio cases and said there is no polio case during last seventeen months in Chaman. He gave detail of coverage of UC Gulistan in Killa Abdullah. He said, more intensified efforts are being conducted in the high risk district and he thanked the efforts of the district and union council officers, WHO, N STOP and UNICEF staff. The meeting at the DC House was followed by lunch. 


A presentation on overall situation in the district is attached for more details.


At the end Dr. Saif ur Rehman thanked National Chair Aziz Memon for his visit to Chaman which gives lot of strength to all district officers and polio teams.Inauguration-of-PTP-at-Chaman-(2) Monitoring of Vaccine at Chek Post2  National Chair Aziz Memon giving polio drop to a child in transit (2)1 Visit of Yaro PTP Quetta (3)