Bill Gates appreciates the efforts of Aziz Memon


On May 24, 2011, at the New Orleans Convention, USA, Bill Gates appreciates the efforts of Aziz Memon; National Chair PolioPlus Committee, to eradicate Polio from Pakistan.

You’ve helped so many people understand that we are “This Close”. We need to help even more understand. There’s a great example in Pakistan, where Aziz Memon is a participant in meetings with the president, regional governors, and health advisors. Rotary’s in the room when decisions are made in Pakistan. And you’re capable of being in those same rooms in every other country in which you operate. Now we need to make polio front and center, beyond what we’ve done in the past. And we need to be more creative in our ways of keeping it there. I spend lots of time discussing with your leadership some of the ideas of how we can do that. With the redoubled effort of everyone in this room, and your fellow Rotarians around the world, we can succeed.

Bill Gates, Co-chair and Trustee, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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